Limited Time Sale: Grab Xbox Storage Expansion Cards on Amazon Now!

Amazon is matching its best price ever for the WD Black C50 1TB model, and Seagate’s 2TB option is $40 off.

By Steven Petite and Darryn Bonthuys on April 29, 2024 at 4:00PM PDT

Xbox Expansion Cards

WD C50 1TB – $125 (was $150) | Seagate 2TB – $230 (was $270)

If you’re an Xbox Series X|S owner who regularly has to delete games or move data between your SSD and an external hard drive, you’ll want to check out Amazon’s current batch of deals on the Western Digital Black C50 Expansion Card and Seagate Expansion Card. These are the only two expandable storage devices that work with the proprietary storage slot on the back of your Xbox. Amazon is selling the WD Black C50 for up to $25 off, and the 2TB Xbox Expansion Card by Seagate is up to $40 off.

This 1TB WD Black C50 deal matches the all-time lowest price at Amazon. We’ve only seen the $125 price a handful of times since the card’s launch last year. Though it’s not as substantial of a discount, Amazon is also has a promotion on the 512GB C50 that drops the price from $80 to $70.

The WD Black C50 is one of two official storage solutions. The only other alternative is Seagate’s Expansion Card, which is going for $140 (was $150) for its 1TB model at Amazon. The C50 is clearly the better deal at the moment for a 1TB card, especially since both devices accomplish the same thing.

But if you want to further maximize your storage capacity, Seagate is the only manufacturer with the 2TB Xbox Expansion Card. For a limited time, you can get the 2TB Seagate Expansion Card for a $40 discount, dropping the price from $270 to $230.

Running out of space on your Xbox Series X|S can occur faster than you expect. The Series X offers a total of 802GB of usable space with the base model Series S providing 364GB. With modern AAA games consuming space rapidly, and if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, frequently deleting games to accommodate new ones could become a recurring necessity.

Excluding a few amazing deals at Woot which sold out very swiftly, significant discounts on Xbox Expansion Cards have been scarce.

Even though regular USB external hard drives can be plugged into your Xbox Series X|S, they can only be used to store Series X|S games. To launch new-generation games from proprietary storage gadgets, you need to insert the officially approved Seagate or Western Digital expansion cards into the dedicated slot on your Series X|S.

Thanks to the Xbox Velocity proprietary technology, there isn’t a drop in data transfer speed. Consequently, you’ll continue to benefit from speedy game loading times and the Quick Resume capability to switch between games in just a few seconds.

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